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Midwest Division Solo Series

2016 Series Rules


Competition Rules      


I. General

    A. All Series Divisional Events must be approved by the MiDiv Series Committee, sanctioned by the MiDiv Solo Divisional Coordinator and placed on the MiDiv Calendar administered by the Divisional Scheduling Representative.

    B. All Series Divisional Events must use the current SCCA Solo Rules as supplemented by the following rules.


II. MiDiv Series Committee

    A. The MiDiv Series Committee shall consist of three (3) to five (5) members plus the MiDiv Solo Divisional Coordinator acting as the Committee Chair.

    B. The committee shall have no more than one member per region.

    C. The MiDiv Solo Divisional Coordinator will appoint the MiDiv Series Committee members from volunteers.

    D. The MiDiv Series Committee will have authority to interpret the application of all provisions of these rules.

    E. Changes to these rules will be considered by the MiDiv Series Committee and recommended to the Midwest Division Executive Committee for approval.


III. Series Divisional Event Definitions

    A. An EVENT is one day of sanctioned competition on a single course which may score points in this series.

    B. A WEEKEND is one or more EVENTS on different courses on the same weekend under the same sanction. A Weekend normally will comprise at least one event but could include two or more.

    C. All Series Divisional Events will be autocrosses as defined in the SCCA Solo Rules.

    D. Series Divisional Events will normally consist of at least three (3) official timed runs.


IV. Series Administration

    A. The Series will comprise a maximum of five (5) Divisional Weekends. Bids for events will be accepted by the MiDiv Solo Divisional Coordinator at any time during the year. Series Divisional Event hosts will be determined by the MiDiv Series Committee. Bids comprising weekends which include at least two events will be given priority.

    B. A Region may host no more than one Series Divisional Weekend per year.

    C. The Midwest Division Solo Championship Event may be a Series Event at the discretion of the Host Region and the MiDiv Series Committee.

    D. Regions hosting Series Divisional Events must forward official results including MiDiv Region membership verification to the Series Pointskeeper within five (5) days after the event.

    E. The Series Pointskeeper will supply an update of points as soon as possible after each event to be posted on the series website.

    F. Regions hosting Series Divisional Events must forward a $4.00 trophy fund fee for each driver entering any or all event(s) during that weekend to the MiDiv Executive Committee Treasurer within fourteen (14) days after receipt of a Trophy Fund invoice from the pointskeeper.


V. Protests

    A. Protests must be submitted in accordance with the SCCA Solo Rules. The protest fee will be the same as the amount specified therein for a National Tour event and must accompany the written protest. The fee will be refunded only if the protest is upheld.

    B. Protests must be turned in to the Event Chairperson, the Protest Committee, or as directed by the supplemental regulations for the Event.


VI. Vehicle Identification

    A. The SPONSOR(s) and SCCA Solo Events logos (as well as any other logos required by other sanctions) must be visibly displayed on both sides of the competitor's vehicle. Other required logos will be listed in each Series Event's supplemental regulations. This requirement may be waived for any or all logos by the Divisional Coordinator  or the event’s Chief Steward if they are not readily available.

B. All vehicles must have car numbers and class letters on both sides in accordance with the SCCA Solo Rules.


VII. Series Championship Scoring

A. Each event within a weekend will be scored separately. Only Midwest Division members will be counted when determining finishing positions). Series Points will be awarded as follows:

          1st......... 15          7th........... 6

          2nd........ 12          8th........... 5

          3rd......... 10          9th........... 4

          4th........... 9          10th or

          5th........... 8              lower.... 3

          6th........... 7          DNF......... 3

B. Entrants will not be bumped from their entered class when awarding Series Points.

C. A member must compete in at least two (2) Series Weekends during the year, in one (1) class, to be eligible for a year-end award. Competing in any one event during a weekend satisfies this requirement.

D. A driver may score his best two (2) to five (5) events depending on the total number of events scheduled:

          If 3 events are scheduled, the best two (2)

          If 4 or 5 events are scheduled, the best three (3)

          If 6 or 7 events are scheduled, the best four (4)

          If 8, 9 or 10 events are scheduled, the best five (5).

E. No points will be awarded to DSQ (disqualified) or DNS (did not start).

F. Ties will be broken by scoring the second-best run by each driver involved.


VIII. Awards

    A. A competitor must be a member of a Region within the Midwest Division SCCA to be eligible for year-end awards.

    B. Championship awards will be sent to the Regional Executives for presentation at Regional awards banquets.

    C. Awards will be given to the top three eligible competitors in each class.

    D. In the case of a tie in total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the driver with the most wins. If equal, then by comparing the records of the drivers tied in direct competition with each other. If the tie remains, duplicate awards will be issued.


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Rules For Event Organizers


    The Series Events are classified as "Divisional Events" and shall comply with all requirements of the SCCA Solo rules.  Participants will be required to pre-register to facilitate all cars running in class order. Multi-day weekends may include dinner for the entrants at an additional cost. The posting of times and announcing of times must be an integral part of the competition.

    The Midwest Division Solo Divisional Coordinator may monitor the progress and planning of all Series Events.



    Course design will be in accordance with current SCCA Solo Rules. Drag race starts/ProSolo type events or other non-conventional type events may be conducted with the prior approval of the Midwest Division Solo Series Committee.

    The Solo Divisional Coordinator or a designated representative maintains the right to perform a visual check of the courses before competition with the authority to change the courses if necessary.


Participants as Workers

Participants are required to work the course, timing or other areas as part of their entry, as set out in the SCCA Solo Rules for National Events. The Host Region will assign duties. Failure to perform assigned duties is grounds for disqualification from the Event



    Restroom facilities must be provided at the Event Site.



    Registration and late Registration deadlines will be set by the Host Region and will be included in all preliminary publicity.

    Entry fees for Series Divisional Events will not exceed $40.00 for a single day. Multi-day events may charge no more than an additional $25.00 for the second day, and $15 for additional days. The Host Region shall set the late Registration fee and dates for late Registration. Any deviation from this fee schedule must be approved by the Midwest Division Solo Divisional Coordinator or the Midwest Division Solo Committee.

    Host regions may use the registration system of their choice. is recommended.

    A map of the courses, an entrant list, and the current Series points standings must be provided at registration in the entrant packet or posted.



    Entry forms, result sheets, trophies and all correspondence and publicity must include the Primary Series Sponsor's name, logo, etc. Host Regions may acquire secondary sponsors for their Event, provided that those sponsor(s) are not in direct competition with the primary sponsor. Secondary sponsor name may not be used as a part of the Event name. The Event shall be titled “(Primary Sponsor Name) Midwest Division SCCA Solo Championship Series Event", with further sponsors listed as "Additional Event Funding by (host region acquired sponsors)". Primary Sponsors, if in attendance at the Event, must be provided a place for their product display.


Event Operations

    Operation of the Event will be controlled by the Event’s Chief Steward, or if none is designated then by the Event Chair, who will be responsible for all areas of the Event.

    Host Regions may provide certified scales, but are not required to do so.

    A Protest committee will be appointed by the Divisional Solo Coordinator.

    The hosting region must arrange for a backup timer to be at the event site. Stopwatches are not acceptable.


Vehicle Identification

    Competing vehicles must comply with vehicle identification requirements in accordance with the SCCA Solo rules. Shoe polish is not acceptable. Competing vehicles must prominently and visibly display the Primary Sponsor(s) logos on a no-charge basis.