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R & S Racing Inc. was founded in 1993 and is operated by Ron & Sonya Ver Mulm.  The lack of knowledgeable SOLO racing tire support in our area prompted us to become a Hoosier Racing Tire dealer in 1994.  "We could always find a Drag Race or Stock Car tire dealer, who would order tires if we knew what we wanted."  We found the lack of knowledge and inventory of most dealers unacceptable.  We obviously can't stock every tire size & compound but, we have an extensive inventory and if we don't have it in stock, we can "Drop Ship" from our warehouse which is located just down the street from the Hoosier Tire manufacturing plant.  

R & S Racing Inc. stocks Hoosier Racing tires for SOLO, Vintage, Road Racing, and Drag Racing.  

We provide trackside service for SCCA Mid-Div. Club racing and SOLO events including the SOLO II & PRO SOLO 2 Nationals. We participate in SOLO II, Pro SOLO, and open track events.  In addition to competing,  we spend 8-12 days per year testing tires for ourselves and the factory.  This ensures when you purchase tires from us the recommendations we give have been tested and verified, not just a guess or second hand information.

Visit R&S Racing at


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Welcome to Solo Performance Specialties and Solotime

SPS/Solotime the nation's largest and oldest distributor of racing supplies tailored for Solo, amateur racing and track events. Since 1984, we have been providing the highest quality products at great prices to amateur racers throughout the USA. The owners of our company participate in SCCA Solo competition and track day events. We leverage this experience to provide the products you need.

We pride ourselves on stocking a large selection of products, in ALL of the sizes and colors you need. No more searching the Internet or big box stores looking for that XS pair of gloves or XXL sized helmet.

While we are a small company, we are NOT a part time business. We are open to answer your questions Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm Central Time. We also pride ourselves on using e-mail as a communication medium. E-mail us at anytime at and we will answer you, usually within a few hours.

Make sure to visit our trackside store at many events throughout the Midwest and Central US.

SPS/Solotime is a proud sponsor of: Midwest Division SCCA Solo Series, SCCA CenDiv Solo Series, Tri State Sports Car Council, Southwest Division Solo Series, Las Vegas Region SCCA, St. Louis Region SCCA and Solo Series and Evolution Performance Driving Schools.

We offer the autocross, road racing, rally and rallycross products you need, at the best prices on the internet. Below is a listing of most of the brands we carry, and the products available under each brand!

  • Bell Helmets -  Autocross, Track Day and Racing Helmets
  • BlackWatch Racing Tire Bags
  • Carroll Smith Books  - Tune to Win - Drive to Win - Prepare to Win - Engineer to Win -- Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners & Plumbing Handbook - Engineer in your Pocket
  • ChaseCam - Bullet Cameras - Digital Recorders - Camera Mounts - Accesories
  • Corbeau - Seats - Brackets - Harnesses
  • G Force Racing Gear - Torso Belt - Track Mat
  • G-Tech - RR Performance Meter
  • HJC - Autocross and Trackday Helmets (Snell M Rated)
  • I/O Port - Roll Bar Camera Mount - HAMA Suction Cup Camera Mounts
  • Koni Shocks & Struts - Individual Shocks/Struts - Package Deals
  • Longacre - Full Line!  Camber/Caster Guages - Contact Pyrometers - Non Contact Infrared Pyrometers - Toe Plates - Tire Guages   
  • Mechanix - Gloves
  • NoCones - No Cones Stickers/Magnets - I'd Rather Be Autocrossing Stickers/Magnets - If Autocrossing Were Any Easier... Stickers/Magnets - Autocross Drag Racing Stickers/Magents
  • Pyrotect - Autocross, Track Day and Racing Rated Helmets - Gear Bags
  • QuickCar - Camber/Caster Guages - Contact Pyrometers - Non Contact Infrared Pyrometers - Toe Plates - Tire Guages
  • RaceCals - Racing Decals and Bumper Stickers
  • RedLine - Fuel Treatments - Gear Oils - Motor Oils - ShockProof Oils - Water Wetter
  • Schroth (Free UPS Ground Shipping on al Schroth Harnesses!!!) - HarnessBelt Street Legal Harnesses - QuickFit Harnesses for Audi/BMW/VW - Accesories
  • SmartCamber - Caster/Camber Gauge
  • Solotime - Autocross, Track Day and Race Car numbers in magnetic, reusable vinyl and static cling materials. - Decals - Custom Decals and Number Packages - Driver's Names and Pre Spaced Vinyl Lettering.
  • SpeedBleeder - Brake Bleeder Screws - Full Car Kits
  • SPS - 5 Gal Air Tank - 12v Air Compressor - Helmet Bags - Helmet Sacks - Magnetic Number Panel -Scrubs Hand Cleaner - Torque Wrench
  • UltraShield - Aluminum Seats - Driver's Suits - Racing Shoes - Harnesses


You can visit us online at or, trackside at Midiv events (and more) or call us at 877-614-7656